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Mass Faxing Online

In today’s day and age where business communications have been taken over by electronic transactions and speed sending methods, it would seem like there is no place for the fax machine or the faxes. The truth is that there are still a large amount of companies and people who make use of fax machines due to its efficient services. Fax machines will never go out of style because they are a much more personal mode of communicating and they are even faster than the email. This is why we are so confident in our services at PaxFax.

At PaxFax we offer world class services to the public and the corporate world when it comes to your faxing needs. Our specialisation is mass faxing which means that you can bring files and files of faxing and we will be able to send it off. We have state of the art faxing machinery that makes it possible for clients to send and receive their faxes within seconds. Our employees are expertly trained to make sure you get the best service and that these services are performed with a smile. You can rest assured that with us your personal information will stay personal and confidential at all times. For us it is all about your customer satisfaction.

Every single fax that we send out is received in HD resolution on the other side of the line. This makes it easy for people to send more than one document at a time without losing the original quality thereof. It is perfect for those who want to get HD images across or for those presentations that contain beautiful charts within the document. It is easy to get excited about crisp and clear pictures with our faxing services.

PaxFax is one of the few companies in the world that offer extremely lower rates when it comes to our billing options. In fact, our reputation has been built on the fact that we have the best prices as linked to our closes competitors. It’s all about making your dollar stretch and we get it right immediately. One of the main advantages of the low rates that we offer is that it makes it possible for you to fax anywhere in the world. You can decide to keep it local or go international without paying insane amounts for the services rendered.

As the leaders in the world of mass faxing we are so focused on customer care and consumer satisfaction that we go a step further than other mass faxing companies. If you do not yet have a flyer or a pamphlet for your company and would like to have one created, you can simply contact our designed department. We have a great team of talented individuals that can work magic to make your advert stand out. At PaxFax we do not only perform the job and get it over and done with; we become your partner in mass faxing and won’t rest until you are 100% satisfied.

So what exactly is it that makes us stand out from the rest? We offer a great number of benefits to our clients all over the world. Here are some of the few that you get to look forward to when you become part of our loyal database.

Send more than one fax to more than one person

This is the base of our business and what we specialise in, as already stated above. With our updated machinery we are able to send more than one fax to more than one individual at a time. It works perfect for if you have invoices that you need to send out to one company – you can just send all of them at the same time! Alternatively, we can also help you to send the same invoice to more than one individual at the same time. This is a great time saver. Gone are the days where you have to wait for one fax to go through before you can start sending another. We break the boundaries here at PaxFax so that you do not have to break the bank.

Let your adverts reach the masses

Mass faxing focusses on exactly that – the masses. This is exactly why mass faxing is a great alternative for your advertising needs. You can send out hundreds, if not thousands, or adverts or flyers to numerous companies at the same time. This will definitely take the load off of your marketing team and they can direct their energy to another aspect of marketing with the new-found free time they now have. More marketing means reaching a wider target group which means more potential clients. It is a win-win situation for your clients, but also for the company as a whole.

Secure mass faxing to your clients

One of the disadvantages of faxing is the fact that it is not always classified when it comes to the other end. The fax might just end up in the wrong person’s inbox. At PaxFax we understand business confidentiality which is why we utilize our mass faxing with safeguard protection so that your information is safe. It will reach the other end of the line without anyone else seeing the document, except for the person it is intended for.

Online mass faxing

We would be a very old-fashioned company if we did not make advances towards online faxing, but we have taken care of this aspect as well. As we have said earlier, we are a revolutionary company that meet the needs of our clients. Many people make use of online mass faxing because it can be conducted over the internet. This makes it very easy for people to save the file onto their own PCs and resend it if they wish to do so. Online mass faxing is an option many people opt for and generally works out cheaper than the other services rendered.