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Fax Marketing Campaign

Since 1964 the fax machine has been serving the needs of businesses nationwide, with fax marketing being one of it's most constructive uses. Even in 2016, there is still a place for fax marketing. It might seem low tech in the age of smart phones and social media, but fax marketing is direct, versatile, and very simple to use. That's why a well planned fax marketing campaign is still capable of driving huge amounts of sales to products and services that are able to use it effectively.

If you still need convincing, here are four really good reasons why good fax marketing means better sales, better use of resources, and better engagement with customers.

Part of the beauty of fax marketing campaigns lies in its simplicity. Modern fax machines work via your e-mail system and so don't require a second phone line as they once did. In fact, you don't even need a fax machine any more, as online providers like us here at PaxFax can cover that for you. Your job is simply to send an e-mail with the document or flyer you want to fax attached.  It really could not be easier. Modern companies persistently overlook the obvious, demonstrable benefits of a fax marketing strategy.

Fax marketing, it seems, isn't as fashionable as releasing a bleeding edge, ultra slick, high budget viral video onto social media, and that's actually one of its advantages. While other companies scramble to out do each other online, you can be firing off fax after fax after fax, getting your message out there quickly, cheaply and effectively.

Fax marketing campaigns also have the distinct advantage of being inexpensive. At PaxFax, we can send out as an example 200,000 faxes at .07 per fax that's less than a penny! It's a price point that anyone can access. This makes it an excitingly egalitarian form of direct marketing. Any company, even with limited resources, can put together a well produced fax marketing campaign and achieve marvellous results for their business. With fax marketing, there's no need for young upstart groups to be overshadowed by more established, wealthier rivals.

If your business offers a great service and is staffed with talented people, it will reap the benefits of fax marketing. It's a refreshingly level playing field in which underdogs have every chance of success. More so than any other marketing method, fax marketing is the way in which absolutely anyone can get a message out there.

One of the reasons faxing has an enduring appeal is that it comes with a personal touch. You can send a hand written message to someone via fax, which gives communication a human to human feel that exclusively text based messages cannot hope to achieve. This is especially advantageous when you're implementing a direct marketing campaign, which requires sending personalised messages to targeted individuals. It may be the most effective form of marketing there is, because people feel like they are being talked to, rather than talked at, and fax based adverts are one of the least expensive ways to do it.

A bad advert can do more harm than good; no one wants to feel they are being lectured on how to spend their money by some greedy, disinterested corporation. If you are faxing to a company, you could take the time to research them and personalise the ad accordingly'; your potential customers are bound to be impressed and feel valued by the care and attention you have put into attempting to earn their business. A well timed, well placed, personalised fax still retains the power to impress people, and make them feel they are regarded as individuals, rather than just faceless consumers.

Fax machines allow you to send physical, paper copies of ads and pamphlets direct to the hands of people who want to read them. Devices such as e-readers are undoubtedly very useful, but there is still a large constituency of people who prefer the feel of paper in their hands as they read, and by neglecting them you're missing out on a sizeable chunk of your potential audience. Moreover, the fax machine has been a staple of the office for decades now, and people don't just want to give up on it overnight.

The unrelenting rush for the new, the shiny, the exciting often leaves certain people feeling overwhelmed and left out, and the fax is still a very reliable, quick, straight forward way for people to communicate, even with all of the technological advances of the 21st century.  Fax marketing remains the fastest, most efficient way to deliver material to people that they are instantly able to hold in their hands and read, without swiping down a screen or sending anything to their printer.

We at PaxFax believe in the fax machine, and believe in fax marketing. We believe in it because there is no reason not to; time and time again, faxing has been proven to work. Yet it remains a relatively untapped avenue for direct marketing, which is why businesses that want to stand out from the crowd and appeal to people on a human level would do well to give fax marketing a try, and see what it can do for them. With prices being as competitive as they are, you have very little to lose, and an awful lot to gain.

Fax marketing isn't necessarily flashy, but it has the potential to enhance the earning power of businesses for perhaps decades to come. After all, faxing has endured for so long, and so can the benefits of a direct fax marketing campaign.