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Germany Just 0.006 per fax!.....USA from 0.007 per fax!.....Austria Special Promotion only 0.006 per fax!.....UK only 0.0055 per fax!

Fax Broadcast Europe, USA, UK, Australia

Whether fax broadcasting to Europe, USA, UK or Australia we have you covered.

These are some popular fax broadcast locations that many PaxFax customers fax broadcast too. With our ever increasing clean fax broadcast list we are confident we can win you new business.

USA - California (Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco) Texas - (Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin) Florida - (Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa) New York.

UK - London, Birmingham, Manchester.Fax Broadcast Around The World

Australia- Sydney, New South Wales, Melbourne , Victoria, Brisbane, Queensland, Perth.

France - Paris, Nice, Marseille, Lyon.
Germany - Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt.
Ireland - Dublin, Cork.
Holland - Amsterdam, Rotterdam , The Hague.
Norway - Oslo, Bergen.
Switzerland - Zurich, Geneva.
Sweden - Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo.
Austria - Vienna, Graz.
Denmark - Copenhagen, Aarhus.
Finland - Helsinki , Uusimaa, Espoo.

Asia - Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia.

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