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Q. How do you send the faxes? Is it internet based?

A. We send all faxes through traditional voice landlines, using major telecom carriers such as Verizon and AT&T and in the process. We have a web based platform to load, manage and start fax broadcasts but the end result uses traditional ‘TDM’ landlines, generally considered the most reliable way to broadcast any type of data.

Q. Are the faxes sent out using actual fax machines?

A. Given the amount of faxes we send out each day, if we used actual fax machines we would likely need an aircraft hangar full of them! To put it simply, we have a large broadcasting suite with several dozen of the best Dell servers which are plugged into the landline system at our telco house. Each server has state of the art ‘fax boards’ fitted which replicate the actions of a traditional fax machine and enable us to send multiple faxes at the same time.

Q. How many faxes can you send out in one day?

A. At full output we are able to send a few million faxes per day, but of course we never get even close to this amount. During peak times for a few hours each day we are probably sending around 300,000 faxes per hour.

Q. Who uses Fax Broadcasting?

A. For the most part, companies who are advertising a product or service such as direct sales, but we do have a wide range of customers such as global law firms sending transcripts to each other, member groups sending coupons, even political organizations announcing manifesto’s for various regions.

Q. What do companies use it for?

A. Fax Marketing is very much used to find new leads quickly, with the minimum of fuss. One customer of ours recently described Fax Broadcasting as a means to throw fuel on the fire when you need new customers quickly. Faxing is one of very methods you can employ should you wish to increase your customer base instantly. Some customers use it on a casual basis should they decide they need an immediate increase in activity (in other words, getting the phones to ring!) whilst others create a campaign, sending out specific amounts over measured periods of time.

Q. Will this work for me? Is it expensive?

A. Fax Broadcasting might surprise you, if you have never used it before. It really is extremely effective considering the simple nature of it all – just put together a flyer promoting your product or service, get it over to us and minutes later we can have it transmitting to hundreds of thousands of potential customers in minutes. In terms of advertising methods, it truly is quite unique. No planning is required, you don’t need a huge budget and you certainly don’t need a clever, artistically designed advert! Often times, simple verbiage will do the trick with a couple of small graphics. In short, it is low cost, easy to set up and quick to deliver results. Just a few hundred Dollars will get you tens of thousands of faxes and for a few hundred more you could be sending to a huge audience!

Q. How many faxes would an ‘average’ customer send with a Fax Broadcasting company?

A. It is widely varied. We have big companies who send out small amounts of faxes, and small companies who send large amounts! A lower volume customer might send 10,000 faxes. A medium sized fax send would be around 100,000 faxes. Whilst they are not too common, we do have customers who send large amount of around one million faxes. Most customers of ours send out faxes with us regularly every day. Others send once a week and some as and when they need it.

Q. Is it simple to use?

A. Yes. We have access to our web based platform to load, build, and manage your fax sends with full reporting and real time stats during sends. Alternatively if you simply give us the letter to send out, we will do all of that for you and simply send you a report at the end of the send. It is a simple or as complicated as you would like it to be!

Q. Can we send out any time of the day? Do you have peak and off peak times?

A. Most of our customers are based in the U.S.A, Australia and Western Europe and they all like to send in the morning, usually between 8am and noon. Owing to this we have 3 busy periods each day when we hit each morning in each time zone. This is why we have so much capacity – to cope with the demand of peak hour sends – rates are the same regardless of peak/off peak times.

Q. Do you send anywhere in the world?

A. Yes. We can send any fax anywhere you like. Rates are different per country of course but for the most part, costs are about the same.