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Germany Just 0.006 per fax!.....USA from 0.007 per fax!.....Austria Special Promotion only 0.006 per fax!.....UK only 0.0055 per fax!


PaxFax is made up of a very small group of people who have worked in the telecommunications industry since the 90’s. We previously worked for a large Broadcaster in Florida and at the suggestion of a few customers whom we had grown quite close to, in 2008 we decided to launch our own service focusing on Faxing, and nothing else. We are proud to own our broadcasting equipment at a European location strategically placed to broadcast seamlessly around the world, day and night. Our customers are mostly in the U.S although have a wide range of customers from all over the world with 25% of our faxes delivered in Australia and Western Europe, and around 65% in the U.S.

Done professionally with a focus on clean broadcasting, we believe Faxing remains an incredibly powerful method to advertise, promote and inform. It could be argued that the 90’s and 00’s experienced a boom in faxing and with many less focused and ill equipped Fax Broadcasting companies no longer in the industry, only the very best are around today to broadcast for you and we see ourselves in this category. Indeed in this digital age many advertisers have dedicated most of their advertising resources to internet and mobile based campaigns, something which we know has helped Faxing immensely – with less people using the service, it seems to have become a very powerful tool once again and is widely viewed in this niche market as an immediate, hassle free and cost effective way to win new business.

We have a very loyal customer base here at PaxFax and in most cases when a new customer finds us, they tend to stay with us for the long term. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any questions you may have. We have a dedicated team of friendly and experienced staff that are always happy to hear from you.

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