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The Smartphone permanently changed the face of global marketing, communication, and information exchange. Practically overnight, we went from computers and technology that took up several rooms…to the same information being compressed in a tiny, pocket-sized machine. However, despite our leaps and bounds in technology, some things remain the same. We still call each other. We still send e-mails.

We still fax.

Why need to when there are other alternatives (such as e-mail) out there? The answer is simple! A well designed fax marketing campaign grabs your recipient's attention as it stands out in their fax tray rather than being unread in their inbox.

The main difference between an e-mail and fax is that it's not possible to delete a fax. And it gives you a great advantage. How? If people don't respond immediately, they can always get back to you later. They can save it in a file, pin it to a noticeboard or hand around in the office. So the chances are it will be seen by someone with an interest and guess what? You just got a lead!

PaxFax offers the most state-of-the-art, technologically advanced services for all your mass faxing needs – whether it be simply sending 5,000 faxes, or bulk faxing several hundreds of thousands. We are the fax blasting sender trusted by thousands world wide to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Watch Your Leads Skyrocket

PaxFax utilizes a wide range of clients for fax advertising to ensure that news of your business travels to only the eyes that want to see it. We want to make sure you only receive the clients who are best for you, which is why we are constantly fine-tuning our ultra clean fax database.

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  • There is no need for worries about legality problems.
  • PaxFax complies with all of the latest restrictions and policies for fax blasting.
  • Clean database of fax numbers against UK FPS opt out lists.
  • Incredibly affordable giving you the ultimate exposure to possible clients.

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